What is the main advantage of Tag A Visit?

Imagine you have a shop in a mall. Wouldn’t you like to know when a customer has chosen the products she wishes to buy and is approaching your cashier to pay? Or perhaps she is on her way to pay, but then suddenly decides to leave your shop without buying anything.

This is valuable information every business should know, and this is what Tag A Visit is all about.

Tag A Visit alerts you, IN REAL TIME, when a contact visits any of your website pages or abandons your shopping cart. It then automatically applies a tag in Infusionsoft based on the specific pages the contact has visited. Use that information to start a campaign sequence and automatically:

  • Follow up with the contact,

  • Create a task in Infusionsoft to contact the person, or

  • Take other actions to help your contacts get what they want and make the sale.

How does Tag A Visit work?

You decide which pages on your website you wish to tag, so that every time a contact visits the website, a tag will be applied in the contact records in Infusionsoft. Also, when a visitor fills out a form on your website (brochure or eBook download, free consultation, etc), the records of the contact are kept in Tag a Visit, so you can track the website activity behavior of the contact and take actions accordingly.

Is Tag A Visit built specifically for Infusionsoft?

Yes. Tag A Visit has been created by Infusionsoft users that understand the importance of identifying contacts who visit your website and appreciate the power of applying tags to those contacts based on the pages they visit. Currently, the only way you can know if contacts have visited a specific page on your web site is if they click a link that is embedded in an email generated by Infusionsoft. Not ideal. Tag A Visit applies a tag to the contact record when a contact enters your website directly – it doesn’t require an email sent by Infusionsoft.

Does Tag A Visit work for both old and new contacts?

Yes, once you set up your Tag A Visit account, simply send out an email and once any contact opens it they will automatically be added to your TAV account – all you have to do is just add a snippet of code to your outbound email. You can also capture new leads and have their details automatically loaded into TAV as they fill in your contact forms. To do this simply follow the easy to use form creation option. You can capture and tag leads both ways, it is your choice!

Is setting up Tag A Visit straightforward?

Yes, the set up steps are very straightforward. In order to gain the most out of TAV, we recommend that you plan which page visits or page sequences you would like to track, which videos and which file downloads. Then decide what kind of tags you would like to ascribe to each visitor. Remember, the tags that you ascribe will determine the automatic sequences that Infusionsoft executes every time a contact visits the page. When you open an account with Tag A Visit, you will be prompted to complete the set up process. Briefly, you will need to digitally ID the website pages / videos / files that you want to track and then create tags and rules in Infusionsoft. For example, when a contact visits the page www.mywebsite.com/shoes a tag such as “Shoes-Page Visit” will be applied to your contact. If you wish, we can help with set up process – contact us today for details.

What happens after a tag is applied to the contact following a website visit?

You can segment contact records, start campaign sequences or satisfy campaign goals in Infusionsoft, or simply pick up the phone, call them and close the deal. Tag A Visit works seamlessly with Infusionsoft, so you can easily leverage its benefits.

Is there a limit to the number of tags I can set up with Tag a Visit?

No. You can set up as many tags as you want to as many contacts as you have. There are no limits!

Is there a limit to the number of web pages that I can tag?

No. You can tag as many web pages as you want on your website, as long as the special Tag A Visit code has been placed in those pages.

Is there a minimum contract period I am committed to?

No. You may cancel your subscription any time, although we are confident that once you realize the benefits of Tag A Visit you will want to extend your subscription for as long as possible!

How many contacts can I follow with Tag A Visit?

Unlimited! You can follow as many contacts as you like with Tag A Visit.

Does Tag A Visit enable video tracking?

Yep, we have covered that too! Every time one of your contacts views one of your videos you can know about it and apply tags in the contact records. You will also know if they watched just a few seconds or the entire video. Now that you know how much information they have about your products and services, you can perfectly tailor your marketing tactics.

What if a tag has already been applied to a contact after visiting a certain page, and the contact visits the page again later?

In this case a tag will not be applied again since a contact can only have one unique tag at any given time. It is therefore recommended to set a campaign that automatically removes a page visit tag from the contact records, so that if the contact visits the page again, you will be able to track the behavior and take action accordingly. To complement this strategy, you can apply a "Note" in the contact records in Infusionsoft each time a contact visits your website – regardless of the number of visits – and track multiple visits on a single page. When you purchase Tag A Visit, you will receive access to free visit-based campaigns that you can install in Infusionsoft.

Can I actually give different tags to each page?

Absolutely! We recommend you create a new tag category in Infusionsoft such as “Website Visit Activity” and then simply create tags in Infusionsoft for every single page on your website, or only for some of them. You could add a general tag for every visit on the website, such as “Website Visit” or you could (and should!) define special tags for every page or at least every type of pages. This lets you be very targeted and specific with your campaigns. Once you have created tags for the pages on your website, then anytime a contact visits those pages a tag will be applied to the contact records in Infusionsoft.

Can I apply a tag if a contact visits several pages, not just a single page?

Yes, you can set tags that relate to a certain sequence of pages visited during a session, and not to a specific page, as long as the contact visits those pages in the same session (i.e. without closing the browser).

Can Tag A Visit identify visitors before they complete a form on my website or if they are not contacts within Infusionsoft?

No, the visitor must be a contact in Infusionsoft in order to be tracked by Tag A Visit. Prior to that contacts will not be identified.

Will Tag A Visit always work? Are there any limitations to the application?

Tag A Visit is based on a user’s cookies and IP address. In some cases, when the contact visits your website after clearing their cache (or blocking cookies), or from a different computer with a different IP address, Tag A Visit may not be able to identify the contact.

What is the degree of certainty in identifying a contact?

Tag A Visit is based on a user’s cookies and IP address. In some cases, when the contact visits your website after clearing their cache (or blocking cookies), or from a different computer, Tag A Visit may not be able to identify the contact 100 percent. The system will always tell you if the ID is less that 100 percent, so that you can always take action according to the level of certainty. The level of identification is also specified in the email alert that you receive every time a tag is ascribed to a contact following a visit to your website.

What else can I do with Tag A Visit?

Well, you can also fill out a custom field in Infusionsoft following a contact's visit, or to tag contacts when they download forms, such as PDFs. It is also possible to remove tags when a contact visits certain pages on your website.