Automatically Tag Your Contact’s As They Visit Your Website


Tag A Visit gives you the power to know who, when and which pages your contacts visit every day of the week, 24/7.

Here’s the unique power of Tag A Visit: You know who is on your website even if your contact was not “invited” or “prompted” by an email! Yep, no need to send out an email and get people to click in order to know who is on your website – every day, all the time!

When your Infusionsoft contacts visit any page on your website or abandon a shopping cart, Tag A Visit automatically applies a tag in Infusionsoft based on the specific pages the contact has visited. You can then start a campaign to follow up automatically with the contact or create a task in Infusionsoft to contact the person, or take other actions.

Isn’t that amazing? Yep, we know!

Apply a Unique Tag To a Contact That


Has Visited A Sequence Of Pages On Your Website

Often it is useful to know if your contact has visited a certain group of pages on your website. Visiting a combination of pages can tell you that your contacts are ready to make a purchase and all they need is a little extra attention to make the “buy” decision. This feature gives you the power to automatically address these ready-to-purchase leads as part of your campaign.

Video Tracking Like Never Before


Tag A Visit will tell you if your contacts have watched any of your videos, even if they haven’t clicked over from an email. Not only that – Tag A Visit can tell you how much of the video they watched! It’s like you’re sitting right next to them! You are “In The Know” 24/7, with video too!

Custom Field Auto-Update


Automatically update your contacts’ custom fields after they visit your website. This lets you capture critical data about your contacts; search for and segment contacts into targeted lists; sort and analyze custom search reports; or set up rules for conditional actions in decision nodes and schedule sequence steps – all based on their visit history to your website.

Remove a Tag from Contacts After They Visit a Specific Page On Your Website

Rounded Rectangle:

With Tag A Visit you can remove tags when a contact visits certain pages on your website. For example, if your contact has a tag for visiting your checkout page, you may want to remove this tag and apply a new one, if the contact hits the checkout page again. That way, next time the contact visits the same page you can know about it and follow up again. Further, you can add a “note” to the contact records in Infusionsoft, so that you know they have visited the same page before.

Add a Note To a Contact After They Visit a Certain Page

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As you know, you can use notes in Infusionsoft to record activities that Infusionsoft does not record automatically. Tag A Visit automates this, enabling you to instantly add a note to your contacts after they visit the page/s you have chosen. This is done through an Infusionsoft campaign that is triggers a sequence with a note application following your contact’s visit.

Smartview dashboard: Reports & Data


Discover who visited, when and where in one place. Our Data Center lets you analyze all your contacts’ visit history and make informed decisions regarding your next marketing and promotional activities.

Build New Visitor & Visit-Based Campaigns


Tag A Visit opens up an entirely new world of targeted marketing and sales.

You are now in control: you know who has been on your site, where they have been and you have a good idea what they want; you can precisely tailor your marketing efforts. You have never been closer to a “bulls-eye” with your campaigns!

We will help you build tailored Infusionsoft campaigns to maximize your ROI with Tag A Visit. When you sign up, you can get some pre-built campaigns and set them up in the Campaign Builder on your Infusionsoft account. These campaigns are specifically designed to track multiple visits on your website, as well as to apply tags or add notes when the contact visits your website. They will greatly help you increase sales and boost your ROI.

Action Related Tagging: Tag a Contact When They Download Your Brochure


If you have any downloadable documents or forms available on your website – such as application forms, etc. – Tag A Visit applies a tag to contacts who download those items. For example, if you have an order form on your website, you could tag a contact that has downloaded the form and then take the right action.

All Contacts Included: Old & New!


When a new visitor fills out a form on your website (brochure or eBook download, free consultation, etc), the records of the contact are kept in Tag a Visit and they will be tagged every time they visit your website. This is true for “new” contacts that join your list after you install Tag A Visit, but it is also applicable to your Infusionsoft’s existing contacts. All you need to do is send out an email and get your old contacts to press a link with a unique Tag A Visit code. This will add your “old” contacts to the Tag A Visit database. From then on, they are on in your “field of vision.”

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